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Après avoir tenté d’humaniser l’industrie depuis 1900 en intégrant au processus industriel une conscience de l’Homme comme “utilisateur”, certains designers nous annoncent fièrement aujourd’hui “humaniser” la technologie via les Design System.

Ne voyons-nous pas que nous commençons, avec le numérique, à reproduire le même schéma que celui de la production de masse au début du 20ème siècle ?

Passer de l’artisanal à l’industriel

Arthur Dexler*, Directeur du département architecture et design du MoMa pendant 30 ans, disait en 1957 : “le monde des designers industriels (…) se divise opportunément en deux catégories. La…

Here’s an important statement:

It’s not because you didn’t hear about the dissatisfaction of your users that it automatically means they are happy! Sometimes people need your help to complain.

Help customers expressing their dissatisfaction.

“If the world is supposed to be this way, we don’t need to be dissatisfied”

Says Adam Grant in a passage from his book Origninals were he’s writting about John Jost study.

John Jost worked for several years on a study about status quo and why people accept so easily a situation or categorically refuse it. …

How art evolves in totalitarian regimes. From russian constructivism style to current North Korean art style.

Question everything permanently is our role of designers. When I’m being asked to do something that I’m not sure about, if I’m asked to think in a way that I’m uncomfortable with, if even my friends tells me it’s weird to be interested in something,

I continue asking questions and research for more informations.

North Korea is one of those topics where I hear many people having a lot of certainties although none of them went or actually searched for information by themselves. But when I talked about art, nothing… No one had a clue about how it is or…

Johanna Rowe Calvi

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